About Us

About TME Services

Established in 1996, TME provides resource liquidity in a complex and changing world where flexibility, speed and quality are key. From comprehensive consulting engagements to highly specialised services such as outsourcing solutions, interim management and consulting, as well as executive search and selection.

TME works in partnership with clients to optimise performance and produce sustainable sources of value. Our unique offer to the market place is the creativity, speed and effectiveness with which we assist organisations in identifying and achieving unparalleled success in quickly transforming their business and releasing significant sources of value.

TME optimises economies of scale, installing the most appropriate business model and remuneration schemes with highly energised and motivated management. Exp services can unlock the true value of non-core activities. Our transparent communication coupled with our extensive analysis abilities enable us to offer an outsourced solution that continues to add value.



Defining the need and the solution

TME’s integrated approach to services has been carefully developed over many years to provide the flexible support and client-focused service that our customers require. The provision of services means responding to a complex set of demands from a range of stakeholders. Our approach is based on partnership and participation, commitment to best value, and a philosophy of continuous improvement. For example, in the electricity market we have developed a solution for a number of PLC’s where we provide the right environment for professionals and senior staff to operate where the client was unable to do this. We also specifically tailor this to areas that are the crucial activities for our clients. Our diagnosis revealed a shortage of skills and personnel in the provision of Senior Authorised Personnel to the electricity sector and we work with over 20 clients meeting this vital need.
From interims to partnerships…

TME always approaches a business relationship structure with a view to create the best value. With this in mind we can provide a solution that fits the need and that can be developed over time. From a short term solution to a pressing business need or provision of professional resources and the support of an overall project TME can help.

Partnership to create the best solution…

Often it’s not clear in a commercial relationship what the individual parties bring. To put it simply, we always establish with a client what each other’s role in the relationship is. We always work alongside our clients to ensure that our contribution enhances what they are trying to achieve.

  • we are not bound by historic terms and conditions we can reward our staff flexibly performance based
  • we train new staff extensively (we grow our own)
  • we reward our team well but expect nothing less than total commitment to Exp and our clients
  • we understand that staff value the intangibles as much as the tangibles. Learning, training, respect and delivering on promises, feeling valued and professional back office support
  • we treat our staff as professionals and expect nothing less in return
  • the country is dramatically short of staff in utility and rail sectors

Outsourcing the Whole Solution

TME extended its service to delivering the whole solution. Initially we work with the clients in the diagnostic phase to establish where the issues are in the current business model and then develop a solution that overcomes the existing models weaknesses. Our ability to develop staffing solutions that fit the problem has allowed us to overcome traditional industry barriers and also allowed our clients to focus on the areas where their organisation delivers best value for them.