Project Report – S/S Replacement

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Bradford, Cleckheaton, Garnetts 1088 – S/S Replacement
Scheme Note – YP03465
Garnets 1088 s/stn is situated within the building of Wharfe Works, Stone St, Cleckheaton, Bradford. The s/sstn feeds the works complex via 4x lv single core cables which terminate in the adjacent customer’s sw room and a small lv o/h network via 2x 2c. 04 HSOS cables cleated to the outside wall of the works building before connecting to the o/h line. The works complex is now defunct except for one small garage workshop at the far end of the site. This is fed via a private cable from the customer’s sw room.

Wharfe Works
The site has been bought by younger homes, Brighouse Mills, Brighouse for housing development and is presently being demolished apart from the garage workshop. This demolition work has left the s/stn needs to be urgently recovered before an accident occurs.
It is proposed to recover Garnetts 1088 and replace it with an inverted 100Kva P/E situated on spare land near to the existing s/stn. The single 3c.06 11kV cable supplying Garmetts 1088 will be diverted to feed the new P/E and a short length of 185Wf laid from the P/E to sec/ang pole 53636 which will be converted into a terminal pole. A new 35Wf service will be laid to the garage workshop from pole 67625 and terminated at the agreed metering position. The customer will apply for a new supply agreement with his preferred supplier and arrange for his Electrical contractor to carry out any alternation work that may be required.


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